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Back to work, I guess.

So, I've been back at Hogwarts for a couple of hours, counting down the hours until the little darlings come back from holiday.

I don't quite feel like myself yet because I took most of this morning and afternoon to get over a dreadful hangover from last night. I'd been in France for a week, visiting my mum's family and my cousins decided that the proper way to send me off was to keep me up 'til dawn drinking. I stopped off at my parents' house in Wymondham before heading up to Hogsmeade and had my dad administer his strongest hangover remedy--a ghastly-tasting potion that's been handed down in our family for generations.

I spent a number of days on the beach in France (burning to a crisp, naturally). The wizard beaches on the Atlantic side of France are all big on surfing. They charm the waves to be the size of waves in Hawaii in some sections. I don't understand surfing one bit-- seems rather vulgar to me (but what can you expect from Yanks), but I did admire the physiques of the surfer wizards.

This school year isn't shaping up into what I hoped it would. Professor Dumbledore had excellent taste when hiring the last two Defense Against the Dark Arts professors--both were good-looking, I mean. But that seems to have ended, as I was told that he's hired Alastor Moody. Certainly nothing to look at and I've heard that he's a bit batty. A terrible shame, to be sure. I shall die of boredom this year without any nice young men around.

Summer boredom

It's probably a bad thing for a professor to admit, but ever since I graded all of the exams (and, really, I'm pleased that all of you did well on them) and turned in the grades, I've felt incredibly lethargic. I've taken to working on next year's lesson plans, but there's only so much that can be changed.

Since Remus left, I'm back to where I was last year at around this time--surrounded both by the elderly and the married couples. However, staying around at Hogwarts for another month is preferable to sitting around Wymondham with my parents. Especially when my mother takes it upon herself to educate me in how to find a husband. If she knew how positively abysmal Hogsmeade is for romance, she might stop her foolishness.

If it weren't for the security risks, I wish that Hogwarts was in London. Then I could go "clubbing" (which, I've been told, has nothing to do with trolls--I don't understand Muggles).


In my [greatly shrinking] free time, I had the chance to go down to Tepsichore's Discount Books in Hogsmeade with Remus. As he browsed through important-looking tomes on werewolves (really, doesn't he know practically everything there is to know on that subject?), I gave into my desires and peeked at the Muggle Literature section, which only takes up one shelf. I've laid into Ernest Tepsichore, the owner, about this atrocity, but so far he hasn't done anything about it. Says that there isn't enough demand for the stuff. Most of it's by some fool named Shakespeare (total nancy, from what I've heard) who writes the silliest things ever, if you ask me, and all in flowery and nonsensical Early Modern English. Really, now, why on Earth do Muggles read that bilge?

I've asked Tepsichore to specially order me a new Nora Roberts book, but he just gave me a queer look and asked me why would I read such rubbish. Merlin, doesn't he know what good taste is? Obviously not. But anyway, I was able to satiate my need for quality literature by buying some new books written by Flora Auseklis, my favorite witch romance novelist. Still, I wish that I could purchase some new Muggle romance novels. Ah well.

Found the most impressive note on the floor of my classroom today. It was at the end of the day, so I couldn't be sure who wrote it, though I'd wager that it was someone from my N.E.W.T.s class. It consisted of "The teacher is a bloody slag" in Old English, written in Futhorc. N.E.W.T.s students are the ones that have completely mastered Futhorc (and who go on to learning actual, and very powerful, magical runes). Really, I don't even find it offensive, in a way, because I'm simply impressed that someone took the time to translate and write it.

A close call.

Oh hell, I've been neglecting this damn thing! But for good reason, I should say. Mum and Dad were in a crisis state for the better part of a month because the city government of Wymondham tried to wrest ownership of my ancestral home from my father. Our house has been home to the Wolfe family since the sixteenth century, but before that, it was owned by Muggles. My ancestors never bothered to hide the house after obtaining it; but they did cast an elaborate spell to make it look to Muggles as though it's a wreck and is under renovation.

The problem is, Dad thought it'd be fun to go to city council meetings on a regular basis to see how Muggles act and what they talk about. Well, none of the Muggles knew who he was and, once in awhile, he'd stand up to complain about local punks in the neighbourhood making all sorts of noise on motorcycles. The Muggles finally figured out what property he owned, actually did some research into our house, and found that it had been "under renovation" for as long as city records went back. They must've thought he was barmy or perhaps a squatter (my dad doesn't dress fashionably, but he isn't homeless!).

Long story short, the government seized it via something called "compulsory purchase," as they had deemed it abandoned property, and were planning on tearing it down for a park. Dad went through a lot of trouble explaining that he had recently bought it from the old owners and was in the process of fixing it (a big fat lie, in other words). Dad stopped going to city council meetings and the Muggles subsequently forgot about the whole thing (Muggles seem to have short attention spans, I guess?). Mum's absolutely livid that Dad nearly lost the house. I don't blame her one bit. But I spent a lot of time corresponding with Mum and Dad about the whole thing and visited them whenever I had the chance. I don't understand legalese one bit, but my dad got a squib solicitor who deals with Muggle/Wizard legal problems, so they were lucky in that regard.

After that, the whole legal trouble that Hagrid has been having what with that beastly hippogriff pales in comparison, if you ask me. Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing the great bloody thing get killed. I keep hearing it from my bedroom window, because it's chained up outside of Hagrid's hut and it's given me a couple sleepless nights. Hagrid insists that "Buckbeak" is sad, but couldn't he drug the thing so that I can get some shut eye? Blimey.

Haven't seen much of Lupin for the aforementioned reasons (stress over possibility of losing one's home and insomnia), but he probably doesn't miss me in the slightest. I'd asked him up to my bedroom several more times after Valentine's Day and, while he'd show up, there was always talk about preparing for lessons the next day and whatnot. I've given up on him for now. Perhaps next year, when things are a little less stressful.

((OOC: Sorry that I've been missing; both my router and modem stopped working recently and my connection hasn't been working well ever since I got it back. ^^; I know that everyone's easy-going about participation, but I still feel badly for having been away for this long!))


Please let this month end already! I just can't stand it. That idiot_fangirl keeps ragging me about my age and it's really getting on my nerves. Truth be told, I'm much happier being in my late twenties than I was as a teenager. Raging hormones led to some things I'm not particularly proud of, like sleeping with a number of male Quidditch players (of all houses--I didn't discriminate). Actually, now that I think of it, I'm a bit proud of that. *laughs* Er...Forget that I mentioned that one.

But yeah, everyone's knickers are in a knot over Sirius Black and Dementors and the like. One thing that I've yet to figure out is why we haven't had any Aurors after two break-ins. You'd THINK that the Ministry would send some up here, since Sirius Black is a wanted man. For that matter, why aren't other European ministries sending Aurors up? They could probably catch him more effectively and it doesn't seem that Black is straying. Eh, probably some damn bureaucracy issues or whatever. Governments never work the way that they should.

And then there's the issue with Remus Lupin. The man came to my room on Valentine's Day evening. I thought, 'Great, he'll be charmed by my witty conversation and then we'll get down to some very enjoyable activities' but the whole chat was awkward and he left after I mentioned Sirius Black. You know, if people besides Snape were suspicious as to whether Remus is in cahoots with Black, I might believe it. But since I don't particularly trust the source of the accusations, I guess I'll just fume about a shoddy Valentine's Day.
Nothing much has happened in my life lately. Although, a lot of things have been happening in Hogwarts. That bastard Black came 'round last week and terrorized Mister Weasley in bed. I just have to wonder about these days. Back when I was a student, we all had to worry about You-Know-Who, but Hogwarts was pretty darn safe at the time. We didn't have fugitives breaking in and nearly killing students! Not that I'm trying to pick a fight, but I'll definitely mind my whereabouts if I'm ever wandering around the castle at 3AM (for a late night snack, of course).

But I guess I shouldn't worry too much-- you'll protect me, won't you, Remus?

Oh, and Lucius, have you gotten permission from the missus for poker or not?

Hating this year already.

Well, I found out something very interesting... Dementors can be a buzz kill. I was trekking up from Hogsmeade several nights ago and nearly ran into one of the great bloody things. I mean, I had had a good night; played poker with some of the Hog's Head denizens--it was fun. But yeah, I was tossing sober after a Dementor crossed my path. Damn things; I hate Sirius Black. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have to put up with the buggers.


Dad's shop is picking up, I think. He really only sells tellyphones and electrick? electrikul? (I'm not sure) gadgets as novelty gifts to curious wizards and witches. Really harmless things, since few wizards actually have the means to use electreekul(?) things. But he also has recently acquired a number of old Muggle books from a Muggle-born's parents' estate. For Christmas, Dad gave me an Old English primer, used by Muggles in..er..university, I think. It's really intriguing, because it has a lot of verses of early Muggle literature in Futhorc (Old English runes). After reading several wizard epics in Futhorc, it's nice to see what the Muggles were up to at that point in history. Apparently there were a lot of princesses and knights and dragons. I don't get it, really. How the dickens were Muggles capable of fighting dragons? Dragons kill wizards and witches sometimes, after all!


Christmas has come and, despite the general complaints made by the more senior professors, I'm soon to be leaving for my usual stay in Bordeaux with my grandparents. Dad's too busy with his job to come along, but Mama will be coming. I have the feeling that she'll try to teach me French (for the millionth time), but I'm quite convinced that my English blood thwarts any attempt for me to learn it. Hmm, I really like the word "thwart."

Am really getting fed up with my class of third years! Miss Patil and Miss Brown constantly try to steer the class lectures into the divining features of runes, rather than to let me cover the basics. I've never held with divination in general and I think that Sybil Trelawney is perfectly dotty. There, I said it.


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